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Meet The Author

Hi y'all - I'm Ray or go by my pen name (Edward Gray) 

I'm a psychological thriller & horror author specializing in mental anguish, bloodshed and terror. The pages turn fast, but the reads are a slow-burn kind of torment you just can't get enough of.


I was born and raised in Calgary, AB, Canada. I found my passion for writing at the ripe old age of 7. With a special interest for and educational background within psychology - writing stories featuring psychological torment was the only next logical step.  

When I'm not writing - Podcasting - Youtubing or interviewing fellow authors for my "Meet The Author" spotlight series - I find peace listening to music, getting outdoors, slaying vampires, time spent with my husband, Adam or hanging out with my adorable dogs (Gabbi & Gus) - go check them out on my instagram, and while you are there give me a follow


always  write  fearlessly

There is no Greater Hell  than to be a Prisoner of Fear

My Author Journey 

Coming Soon...

Why Fit in when you were Born to Stand Out

Randomly Ray Facts

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best death scene ever

Inspired Me To Write | I Know What You did Last Summer

I love horror movies and the 90' genre slasher flicks - they were probably how my fascination with the darker side of humanity and storytelling formed. That rush of adrenaline when you watch a powerful scene - that's how I want my readers to feel - that you can't look away, but need to hide under your covers in order to continue. Plus, I had a major crush on Sarah Michelle Gellar as a kid - Buffy fans? - you 5x5 tho? 

Top 5 Must Haves For A Writing Space  | TBD

  • Laptop with Scrivener 

  • Headphones for some music

  • A Writing Plan 

  • Coffee or Ice Water - or a Chai Tea Latte at Cafe Gravity 

  • Scented Candle - I have specific ones for each book I work on 


cafe gravity 


just write

Favourite Space To Write | My Office 

It's bright, filled with a wall of books, large windows. A spot for my dogs to lay down by me, my essential oil diffuser or candle going. Scents are a huge part of me getting "in the zone" for each book - music and scent, are so important shifting between the books. 

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