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Down Came the Rain

Genre | Psychological Thriller 

Release Date | Spring 2021

Coming Soon 

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Hailey James, blamed for the disappearance of her sister Jessie. Jessie, last seen downtown, the only remains of a grisly crime scene. Jessie’s presumed death, has thrust Hailey into a spiral of depression. Pushing aside everyone in her life, drowning in the loss of all safety and trust.

Hailey meets Alex.

Alex helps her feel safe, open up, and move on with her life. Only, she is now faced with the demons of her past. Multiple attempts on her life not only seem coincidental, but are piling up around her. In a race against time to save her life and uncover the disappearance of her sister, Hailey will do anything to stay alive.

Who can she really trust around her?

Sisters are forever even in death

Story Inspiration 

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