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  • Edward Gray - is a Pen Name

  • Author of Down Came The Rain

  • Writer of thrills, chills & kills

  • Virgo - INFJ  

  • Lover of all things organized

  • Overprotective dog dad

  • I like big books - and I cannot lie. 


 Down Came The Rain 

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Welcome to The Fear Fallacy podcast, a place to discuss the chains we place on ourselves and how to break them. The podcast will be a place for people to find out why they don’t actually make that change, go for that job promotion, chase that seemingly unattainable dream… and how their fear is what is perceived to be holding them back.

The Fear of failure, the Fear of success, the Fear of being inauthentic.

Fear isn’t the actual problem, it’s a symptom of the problem.

The greatest limits we have our the ones we place on ourselves.

So, Are you ready dive deep and change your life?

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